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Er zijn nog geen vacatures opgeslagen.

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The International Future Leaders Programme

What is International Future Leaders?

International Future Leaders is an 18-month leadership development programme that brings young professionals from all over the world across the Adecco Group to become future leaders with a strong commercial sense, skills and passion to deliver solutions to real-time business challenges and bundle their talents with our best practices to continuously improve our services. The programme is intensive and takes its delegates on a personal and professional development journey across geographies and over business lines to help the Adecco Group identify our top performers early on and help them develop and accelerate their careers.


The International Future Leaders programme has a two-fold purpose, to increase the Adecco Group’s ability to retain and develop high potential, early-in-career talent and to create a strategic pool of high-quality internal candidates to feed the leadership pipeline.


Creating a pipeline of strong, commercial leaders with the skills, experience and passion to deliver tangible business performance, drive the pace of transformation and successfully foster a culture of innovation across the Adecco Group.

Programe schedule

After an extensive evaluation and selection process from all countries within The Adecco Group the selected IFL participants are announced. The following 18 months are packed with a host of skills development workshops on a variety of topics along with the opportunity to work in multicultural teams on real time business challenges from the Group under the direct supervision of leaders/ directors allowing them the freedom to deploy the skills learnt and accrue feedback in real time.

Supporting young careers

The programme supports delegates in career moves into a new business area, function or geographical location thereby promoting the transferability of the skills learnt on the programme.

Shaping the future of leadership

During the programme the delegates are asked to lead a change or improvement project in their own area of work. The outcome of which is aimed at an exponential 10 x improvement. The added value from these projects undertaken by the delegates have proved the concept of the programme. From new sales strategies to increased client and community engagement, the return of investment of the 18-month programme is not only delivered during the programme but continues even after the programme all contributing to ensuring the skills to make the future work for everyone.  

The Adecco Group

Sarah Schaepman

Area Manager / Country Practice Lead Permanent Placement, Adecco Switzerland

"The programme has opened my eyes to new ideas, solutions and things I didn’t know existed"

The Adecco Group

Bani Sodhi

Group Strategic Programme Manager at The Adecco Group

"The programme empowered me the skills and the thought process to operate in a fast evolving world!"

The Adecco Group

Larissa Termorshuizen

Employer Brand Manager, The Adecco Group

"Learning about the balance between performance and people is for me the biggest insight of the IFL program. It helped me to become a leader who is able to make a significant impact with performance, make it measurable, but most important having people at the heart of everything I do"

The Adecco Group

Dick Boreel

Head of Strategic Projects, Modis

"Being connected with like minded people from all over the world creates an incredible amount of value for me"

CEO for one month

Another programme within The Adecco Group focused on young people is ‘CEO for One Month’. This initiative offers young people the possibility to develop and showcase their leadership potential, to learn what it takes to succeed as a business leader and to acquire the skills and the experience needed to get a foot on the career ladder. A few of the delegates in the IFL programme have been former CEO for one month in their countries. Find out more here.

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